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Recent Reviews
  • The Temple or Lebensraum – Review

    The Temple or Lebensraum – Review

    The worst possible place to be when a monster shows up is inside a submarine. Horny teens at a cabin in the woods are lucky compared to the nautical chumps stuck on board a German U-Boat in Nat Cassidy's play The Temple, or, Lebensraum. These unlucky sailors are trapped beneath the ...

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  • Asymmetric – Review

    Asymmetric - Review

    In the good old days, Generals could enjoy a proper war where both sides were expected to meet on a battlefield and maneuver their troops in a carefully balanced dance of death where each army was composed of similar units using similar tactics. With the “War On Terror” a new ...

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  • The Pumpkin Pie Show: Seasick

    The Pumpkin Pie Show: Seasick

    Every year as Halloween approaches, playwright Clay McCleod Chapman gets together with a gang of actors, draws an unsuspecting audience into a bunker concealed beneath St. Mark's Place and makes them all laugh... until the screaming starts. This year, he and his crew set a course for terror in The Pumpkin ...

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  • Interview with Playwright / Director Roberto Williams

    Interview with Playwright / Director Roberto Williams

    Last month Theater For Nerds reviewed a show that not only chronicled the adventures of Batman, but also the real-life writers and artists who created. him. We spoke with the Roberto Williams, Director and Playwright about Fathers of the Dark Knight. Theater For Nerds: The show has a storyline about Batman ...

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  • Deployed: The Musical – Review

    Deployed: The Musical - Review

    The War On Terror has been waged for almost fourteen years, and the theater community is still looking for new ways to address it. Deployed, a new musical in the New York Musical Theater Festival examines the war in Iraq through the eyes of a couple who try to make ...

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  • Cloned! The Musical – Review

    Cloned! The Musical - Review

    The sci-fi musical is a rare beast, but geeky musicals are getting a little more common each year. The New York Musical Theater Festival has given audiences a few shows that address nerdy themes, including last year's Re-Animator, and this year their nerdiest show is Cloned!, a show that combines ...

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  • Fathers Of The Dark Knight – Review

    Fathers Of The Dark Knight - Review

    Every comic book featuring Batman has a little note reading “Batman created by Bob Kane”. That's only partially true. Writer Bill Finger was integral to Batman's development, as was Jerry Robinson in developing the supporting cast. The new play Fathers Of The Dark Knight shows not only the fictional origins ...

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  • Jane the Plain – Review

    Jane the Plain - Review

    High school is the bane of nerds everywhere. If a kid gets defined as a nerd early on, that's the role they're stuck with until they graduate. The same applies to other roles, the jock, the slut, the homecoming queen. It pretty much requires divine intervention for a teenager to ...

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  • Godzilla: The Japanese Original – Review

    Godzilla: The Japanese Original - Review

    With yet another American remake of Godzilla coming next month, there will be a whole new generation of American moviegoers who will miss the point of Godzilla entirely. The original Japanese version of the film wasn't a monster movie for kids. It was a serious tale for adults and an ...

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