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Fathers Of The Dark Knight – Review

Every comic book featuring Batman has a little note reading “Batman created by Bob Kane”. That’s only partially true. Writer Bill Finger was integral to Batman’s development, as was Jerry Robinson in developing the supporting cast. The new play Fathers … Continue reading

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Jane the Plain – Review

High school is the bane of nerds everywhere. If a kid gets defined as a nerd early on, that’s the role they’re stuck with until they graduate. The same applies to other roles, the jock, the slut, the homecoming queen. … Continue reading

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Godzilla: The Japanese Original – Review

With yet another American remake of Godzilla coming next month, there will be a whole new generation of American moviegoers who will miss the point of Godzilla entirely. The original Japanese version of the film wasn’t a monster movie for … Continue reading

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Monsters: The Complete Series – DVD Review

The 80’s were a time when horror anthology series were everywhere on television. Tales From The Crypt, Tales From The Darkside, Freddy’s Nightmares, plus a reboot of The Twilight Zone gave horror fans a nigh-endless stream of weird self-contained stories … Continue reading

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Kill Shakespeare Review

When a bunch of comic book nerds get together, the conversation invariably degenerates into arguments over whether Superman is stronger than the Hulk, and if Wolverine could beat Batman. Shakespeare nerds are just as passionate about their characters, but they … Continue reading

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Parables for the One Percent – Review

Certain phrases are red flags for the speaker’s political views.  “Pro-life” “Gay Agenda” and “Evolutionist” indicate a conservative crackpot, while terms like “Undocumented Immigrant” “Marriage Equality” and  “One Percent” are the domain of freedom-hating commies.  The program for Parables for the … Continue reading

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Raze – Review

Raze falls into that peculiar category of movies that are extremely violent, but also extremely boring. In it, a bunch of attractive young women are forced into a kill-or-be-killed competition along the lines of Hunger Games or Battle Royale. Raze … Continue reading

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Interview With Broadway’s Natalie Toro

Theater For Nerds sat down with Broadway’s Natalie Toro to discuss her lengthy career, her upcoming album, and a nerdy musical from her past. Theater For Nerds: Let’s start by establishing your Nerd Cred. Tell us about Zombie Prom! Natalie Toro: … Continue reading

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The God Projekt – Review

Artists like to portray God as an old man to show His wisdom and fatherly authority.  The new play The God Projekt by Lone Wolf Tribe depicts God as an old man, but this God is a geezer who is past … Continue reading

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FutureMate – Review

The apocalypse always seems like an adventure where hardy survivors roam the wasteland doing as they please with only a loyal dog and a trusty sidearm as companions.  However, if a real apocalypse were to strike, someone would have to … Continue reading

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